Word Crawl 11/3

Welcome to the website! You can find all kinds of important things here! There’s bios about the MLs, the calendar, and various bits of online swag for you to run off with! Take a moment to explore, then return to the main page for your challenge.

Your challenge is: Sprint for 15 minutes!

After your 15 minutes is up, go to the Calwrimos Twitter, https://twitter.com/NaNoCalElsie, for the next challenge


Leave a message after the zzzzzzzzz……

We’re sorry, the Wrimos you’re trying to reach all collapsed into a puddle of sleep at approximately 12:00 am on December 1st. Please come back for exciting new content on November 1st, 2017.

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And now, this little ML is going to join their Wrimos in sleep land.